A poem for the grieving

the phantom of grief

grips the heart

with iron hands

demanding stillness

until pain becomes

an all consuming moment


“Why did you leave me?”

no answer

will ever satiate the longing

for return

nor the hope to wake

from what should be a bad dream

but in the quiet

between wails and sighs

a still whisper echoes

in the distance

“i’m always here,

by your side”



New poetry for healing by Jael R. Bakari

Who cower at the sound of the other shoe

Contacting distant memories

Conjuring images of hurt and pain

Old wounds that never quite healed

But refuse to fester

May you find strength in surrender

To the urge to blossom

Through muddied layers of self expression

May you be granted the courage

To place fears in tiny boxes

To be unwrapped as gifted memories

Of the unhappy before

During the happily ever after

And may you know above all things

You are not alone