Self-doubt can cripple even the most talented of us; all the more reason to go for broke anyway.

What do you write about when your heart is filled with doubt?

I never stopped to consider the question before because for me, writing had always been a means of escape. It gave me a way to process the complex emotional process that is being human in this world.


Thinking about the most elementary of writing maxims.

If you were to ask 100 writer’s for their most prescient piece of advice on the thing necessary to distinguish one’s self as a writer, I can guarantee you — without fail — someone’s gonna tell you to write everyday.

I know this because I’ve watched the interviews with writers…

RIP Damion (5.31.1995–5.18.2021) #atlbikelife

It’s not often you meet someone who could make a big impact just by walking into the room. I used to think that was a status reserved for public figures and childhood heroes. Or Beyoncé.

That was until I met Damion Tyrell Hamilton.

I wish I could tell you I…

Under the tutelage of the powerhouse director, I gained the tools I needed to finally finish my story.

Photo by Iqx Azmi on Unsplash

I narrowly avoided a mental breakdown last night.

The Problem

I was finally in front of my manuscript that I’ve been laboring with mentally between searching for stable employment, thinking of ways to monetize my content, and taking on odd jobs while I wait for one of these interviewers to call me…

How a dark night of the soul helped me gain the clarity I’ve been missing.

I hit a low point last week.

With approximately $0.37 in my account, plus rent and a number of other utilities due now; one could say I was in a bit of a bind. More like a gaping chasm of a bind.

You see my husband and I are creatives…

Reflecting on the most unexpectedly influential book of my life.

Every now and then I get hit with a question that performs an unexpected gut check on me.

Today it was a really simple one: What book shaped you the most?

My first instinct was to go with something that would paint me as an expert; a role I’m honestly…

Jael R. Bakari

I create thought-provoking content for people crazy enough to believe they can change the world. #fortheblacksheep

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