How to Survive the Apocalypse

A guide to living in 2020

There was a period between 2008 and 2012 where I would wake from my sleep, heart racing and body feeling like someone dunked me in a giant ice bath.

I’d have nightmares and visions of being alive during a time of mass chaos and destruction. Everything from tidal waves and floods to mass diseases that create world wide chaos and zombies.

I remember the feeling of waking from those dreams paralyzed me so much that I dared not dream too big or hope too much in life because what was the point if we we’re all going to die.

I spent my days deep diving into conspiracy rabbit holes trying to justify my reasons for no longer having much stock in humanity’s survival.

Alex Jones, Zeitgeist movies, articles about the illuminati. I swear I was just like my boy from 1984 trying to find the man behind the curtain of it all.

But then 2012 came and I was still alive. The mayans and all of their modern day cohorts clearly miscounted and I regained hope for a brighter future.

I began to do things like work on my personality and communication. I increased my time spent developing my spiritual life and worked on being a better mother, daughter, sister and wife.

I thought I was going to dance into my happily ever after and into a bright beautiful future for all mankind.

Fast forward to 2020.

  • Both of my parents are dead
  • And the world is clearly a dumpster fire right now between a global health pandemic, a social pandemic and a clusterfuck of things occuring that make me want to pull out my tinfoil hat again.

As I look through the news daily, I recognize that this is it. This is the apocalypse I dreamt of all those years ago.

Now I’m not immature enough to say that this is the work of a carefully crafted shadow organization hell bent on reducing the planetary population because of some tablets on easter island and blah blah blah.


The root definition for apocalypse is uncovering. And I believe that is what’s taking place in our society right now.

After generations of societal ails being swept under the rug, the right climates and environmental issues are shining a beacon on the pile of shit we’ve tried to cover up as a society.

And as we retreat inside to seek shelter from a virus that determined to end our old ways, I believe we are all being forced to look at this big ass mess and ask ourselves a serious question:

“so what are we going to do about it?”

Which brings me to the point of this article. The only way you, I or any human being living in the time of covid-19, murder hornets, hangings, police killings and inequality galore, are going to survive is if we do the hard work of staring our ails in the face and fixing them.

Yes some of these things are generations old. Yes alot of them will sound like conspiracy theory (kkk pulling strings on the police force whaaaa?! Systemic racism is real whaaa? The government don’t give a fuck about us whaaa? Voter suppression is a thing whaaaa?).

But the truth is always stranger than fiction, and if we don’t want to end up an asterisk in history like some advanced species in a bad dystopian sci-fi plot, then we are required to awake from this nightmare of reality and fix it.

That’s on us.

Not boomers, not millenials, not black white brown and all the colors in between. Not men or women or all the genders in between.

ALL of us.

Either we work together to fix this mess or we gonna be up shit’s creek without a paddle. And I’ve seen the previews of what’s to come if we don’t, trust me y’all ain’t bout that life.

So again I ask you to choose wisely.

Will you

A) Continue to live in the delusion that our society was always great and just needs us to return to the old ways to keep this party of oppression and inequality going? Willing to sacrifice anything and evrything to stay there (#alllivesmatter)?


B) Choose to do the hardwork of abolishing a system that is killing us all with oppressive and ridiculous practices that put our lives at risk so that a few people can stay comfortable (#blacklivesmatter)?

I’ve already made mine.




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Jael R. Bakari

Jael R. Bakari

I write and speak about the shit that keeps me up at night. 4️⃣🖤🐑