In Memoriam of Damion Tyrell Hamilton

RIP Damion (5.31.1995–5.18.2021) #atlbikelife

It’s not often you meet someone who could make a big impact just by walking into the room. I used to think that was a status reserved for public figures and childhood heroes. Or Beyoncé.

That was until I met Damion Tyrell Hamilton.

I wish I could tell you I had a million stories about him, but I don’t. I met him during training for work, not a particularly extraordinary interaction. But from the brief 4 weeks I spent in class with him, and the additional few months of time spent laughing with him and my other work family members about the shenanigans that often accompany working in a call center environment, I could say one thing for sure about him. Damion was a good person, with a heart of gold, who took care of the women in his life and made sure everyone was taken care of. He was never without a smile and never too busy to speak to a friend, even one he just met.

When I learned of the loss of this young light from this world I was shaken deeply by it because it just did not feel right. I am no stranger to death, nor would I say I harbor any illusions about its lack of prejudice when choosing who to call home. But still in that moment as I struggled to process the news, I just wanted to know why. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because another one of my work family did what I could not and searched for the answers to our question.

I was stunned to find that this man’s last moments had been captured by a publication which gave no thought to the words they were writing about a person, somebody’s son, somebody’s boyfriend, somebody’s friend. He had been reduced from the big man with a heart of gold and permanent smile, to a set of choices made in a small window of time.

No one should ever go out like that.

And so my fellow black sheep, I am giving the family, friend’s, and loved ones of Damion Tyrell Hamilton space to mourn the whole human being that he is here on my site. Because he deserves to be remembered as so much more than his final choice.

In Memoriam

Damion Tyrell Hamilton (May 31, 1995-May 18, 2021) was a big man with an even bigger heart and soul. A self-professed momma’s boy, he was loved by his family, especially his brother and sisters. He loved good food, cats, dogs, gaming, spray painting, and of course his bike (If you want to check out some of his artwork, go check out the tunnel at Krog Street). A true lover of all things adrenaline, you could find him on a roller coaster, at car shows, playing 2k or on his bike. He was known for going out of his way to cheer up those he was around, and he himself was never without a smile. He had a joyful nature that infected all he was around him, took pride in his work, and he absolutely loved to eat. He lived life to the fullest and cherished every moment of it. He leaves behind his mother Antwanette, his brother, his sisters, his family and his girlfriend Ty. He will be deeply missed by his gaming family, his work family and a host of people who were impacted by his cheerful and loving disposition.

To those reading this, I ask that you honor him by carrying him in your memory. Carry him with you by enjoying your life to the fullest. By taking a few risks every now and then. By making a family wherever you go. Or by simply loving on the women in your life (especially your mama).

And to Damion, thank you for leaving us a blueprint to living a full and beautiful life. By living it boldly, truly, and with a smile.

Rest in peace fam.



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