It’s time to retire the ways of the Hotep

We need to be moving forward not embracing new chains.

Jael R. Bakari
4 min readJul 15, 2020

It’s not hard in a country where your people are: barely making ends meet, being shot down in the streets, sent from school to prisons, robbed of opportunities for quality food and education and on and on; to readily assume some dark and nefarious hand is lurking behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

I know the idea (and mounting credit card debt) is what led me into the growing “Secured Party Movement” back in ’09. Here I met Moors, Sovereign men on the land, learned about the hidden meaning of Oz, Jekyll Island, straw parties and paying debt was “for the birds”. I was introduced to Noble Drew Ali, the Illuminati, Zeitgeist, Hidden Colors and drawn-out YouTube videos (and blog posts) promising to “break down” movies and television shows to get to the TRUTH.

I was for lack of better terms, immersed in Hotep culture.

Now some people who don’t like the term thrown around as an insult; Imhotep is revered in the Egyptian (or KMT) pantheon and it feels disrespectful. I understand the reasoning very well, but “conspiracy theory niggas” doesn’t have the same ring. I tried making “5am motherfucker” a thing but I guess its too many syllables to be catchy (first rule of branding: make it simple, make it catchy). Hotep fits the branding bill unfortunately.

Note: 5am mothafucka: people always telling people they woke but that wokefulness is more reminiscent of a person awakened out of their sleep unexpectedly and is still quite drowsy so can’t fully be held liable for everything they say (in explaining it I see why it didn’t catch on).

I can hear you already

Ok cool, we learned about Hoteps but what does that have to do with anything.

Because eventually in the search for freedom you must learn how to go through the lessons of your first teachers and separate the good from the bad; tossing the bad shit out with the quickness.

I’m thankful for Hotep culture. It made me read the Constitution in-depth, learn how to track the formation of bills, learn about fiat currency, familiarize myself with contract law and clauses, showed me #ACAB, walked me through the corrupt ass justice system, and gave me the superpower that makes Elon Musk and men of his ilk so damn successful: cross-subject thinking and analysis (y’all thought I was gonna say venture capital, huh?).

Basically, I learned all the skills I needed to be a venture capitalist and successful businessperson in America. And it’s all thanks to them beautiful Hotep ass brothers.


That line of thinking is costly, because for every kernel of usable knowledge I probably wouldn’t have seen anywhere else or known to look for, there are dangerous and treacherous assumptions inside that world extremely reminiscent of another group promising they aren’t spewing hate, just expressing the natural order of things: white nationalists.

The Hotep usage of rampant misogynistic, transphobic and a whole lotta other problematic modes of thinking, gives me some of the exact same vibes I get when looking at Breitbart and Fox News.

And it makes me wonder should the Black Liberation they are fighting so hard for ever come, would their rule and regime look an awful lot like the one they overthrew.

I can’t speak for everyone in that spectrum because on some levels I am still a “Hotep” in the sense that I believe in looking for hidden simple answers, continuous study and research, and knowing to look at every story from multiple sides; all while taking pride in my melanated features while doing it. Those teachings make up the core of who I am and give me the ability to talk big cash shit and back it up when I’m out here in these streets.

But I set aside my homophobia (how you homophobic and bi-Jael?*). I’m releasing my transphobia (this one is taking time but I’m learning). I’m even releasing internalized misogyny because women can be misogynistic too. And I’m still leery around white people (because this is still 2020) but I’m not blaming people of Jewish faith for that leeriness — or reptilian overlords.

And I released other Hotep theories that were holding me back from appreciating the full spectrum of diversity present in this world; it wa the only way to embrace my core argument I spouted a month ago about All-Lives vs. Black Lives.

We live in a damning and broken society that has yielded great good at the expense of marginalized bodies. And this “progress for some; not all” rhetoric is killing us and this planet.

It’s time for a change.

I’m not asking for homogeny because “I don’t see :insert marginalization here:” does not get us any closer to what we need. We need to embrace diversity and divergent thinking so we can hop on the other side of the coming Great Filter all these physicists been theorizing about. I’ve watched enough Star Trek and read enough fantasy to accept this as truth.

Don’t abandon your ankhs, Kente clothe and shea butter. Keep reading your Constitution and learning your rights. Be proud of who you are. But let all that “natural order” shit go, because until all of us are free, none of us are free.

Shout out to Nick Cannon for inspiring this article. I pray you find it, so you can see what folks are talking about and not think what happened with Viacom is cause you’re Black. I mean the swiftness and severity of the action is definitely because you’re Black — but then again corporations are in a “no-tolerance-of-intolerance-for-dollars” zone right now.

But what you said, if it came out of a White man’s mouth — about your people, you’d be calling for you to get fired too.

*You can be a part of a marginalized group and have internal prejudices against others in it



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