JAY-Z is a capitalist …and so am I.

But that’s not a bad thing, no matter how dirty the word has become.

“and I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them/ so I got rich and gave back/ to me that’s the win-win.”
“All these lies that America told us our whole life and then when we start getting it, they try to lock us out of it,” he said. “They start inventing words like ‘capitalist.’ We’ve been called ‘n — ers’ and ‘monkeys’ and s–t. I don’t care what words y’all come up with. Y’all gotta come with stronger words.” — Jay- Z’s comments from the twitter space

The Scenario

Of course, Jay-Z is a capitalist.

it like right there dude. like this word’s older than you me and ya moms put together.

How capitalism became a dirty word.

Well, any person born in the U.S after 1968 can emphatically say that “their generation” got the short end of the stick.

Tale As Old As Time

When you continuously convert currently available resources and labor into profit, you run the risk of eventually not having enough resources to spread around for future generations.

The Wachowski’s colored our situation right with The Matrix.

The Way Things Are.

Companies have been abiding by the drainage principle since the inception of corporations.

we ain’t got no milkshakes to bring the boys to the yard cause they drank ’em all.

Making the best of a shitty hand.

And as fucked up as this system is, it’s gonna take JAY-Z level wealth to become self sufficient enough to not rely on the shit anymore


seriously underrated horror classic my gen-x friend recommended to me. that’s how generations work together.
cause then I’d be this dude and then being a capitalist would be a bad thing.



I write and speak about the shit that keeps me up at night. 4️⃣🖤🐑www.jaelrbakari.com

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