Why I go hard for crypto

Part 2 in the short series for noobs who want to get started in the quickly evolving technology.

Jael R. Bakari
4 min readFeb 25, 2022
the road ahead is clear

So last week we spoke about crypto and the red berry tech cycle. We learned that crypto is not just a coin, it’s the technology powering the next level of evolution for the Internet. And we learned that a new technology, or red berry, often undergoes several stages of development from novelty (where no one is brave enough to use it), to an everyday staple in life.

But I forgot to give you a very critical piece of information that you need before you continue on this crypto journey with me.

You need to know why I’m doing this, what you should expect from the information that will follow in this series, and what your role is going to be on this journey.

Simon Sinek taught me that.

A world aflame

So to answer your question, why am I doing crypto and teaching it to you?

Because it’s the future.

Right now people–real living, breathing people are being slaughtered in Ukraine. All because of one man’s desire to expand his territory.

And not much is being done to stop him.

History books have told me what happens to men who aren’t stopped in time. Stories have told me the same. And yet here I am, a 33 year-old citizen of the last bastion of democracy, the United States of America, the one who made it possible for people to imagine being free of this nightmare. They stepped in before when Hitler did it, so why aren’t they now?

Doesn’t matter. I’ve given up on them. Anyone clinging to a sinking ship is a lost cause. For whatever reason, they don’t have it in them to fight.

Global citizens with global needs

But as the world crumbles around us, we humans still have daily needs. And the pressures of inflation, stagnant wages, and unstable economies make the whole interacting-with-other-people-to-buy-goods thing a real issue.

And what good is a dollar if I can’t use it?

Enter crypto.

See, this whole vision of crypto and the Internet of money was designed by someone who saw this problem coming. After watching Wall Street and international banks fall to corporate greed and blood lust, they understood what few of us had a chance to really register in our brains.

We are a globalized economy. We have been for sometime now. I’m a small-time author with a modest following, and even I have made transactions with foreign countries — with ease. I don’t think I can go back to not living like that. Unable to buy here or there because of the whims of some despot? Not on your life!

Keeping the global economy running.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s brilliant white paper (the one that made Web 3.0 a viable concept) created a way for us to interact online without having having to worry about trusting each other. By factoring human behavior into a monetary system, they created the protocol we now know as Bitcoin.

But Satoshi also knew that Bitcoin was never intended to be the last trustless payment type of its kind. Every innovator hopes their creations will grow beyond their imagination. It’s like when Tim Berners Lee wrote the protocol that made the Internet first possible.

A world without tyrants. At least for a little while.

Humanity needs to know what that looks like so that maybe, just maybe, we can take the next steps in our evolution as a species.

Am I saying Web 3.0 will be a utopia? Absolutely not. It’s being made by humans, so it won’t be perfect. Power games are like a glitch in our DNA.

But it’s got a girl hopeful. And that’s more than I can say for anything else out there right now.


Don’t follow the rest of this series if you’re looking to trade crypto like stock, in other words, degens not welcome here. Because the stuff I’m talking about will help you carve a space out for yourself in the future and you deserve to be there.

⚠️Warnings and full disclosure ⚠️

There will be losses, panics and scares. You could very well lose everything, and then, lose some more. People will not understand what you are talking about because this is an entirely different concept from what we grew up with.

If you do not have the stomach for that kind of cultural change, then don’t continue any further into this blog series. Discourse is welcome but not fear, uncertainty, or doubt. We need smart, motivated educators. We need brilliant writers. We need weirdo artists. We need rebellious musicians. We need prolific content creators. We need all kinds of translators. We don’t need fud. This space is too fragile for you to fud your bag on some dumb shit.

Lastly, you’ll need to be brave. Crypto.com might be the devil of all exchanges, robbing you blind with those transaction fees, but damn, their commercial was legit. Fortune favors the bold. Period.

What this means for you

Having given my warnings, if you choose to continue to read this series and follow what I’m talking about, you agree to do the following:

  1. Know that nothing I say constitutes financial advice and you agree to hold harmless myself, Jael Bakari Enterprises and any of my subsidiaries
  2. Do your own research. Shit changes in this space at the speed of light, and if you read this some time months after crypto has taken off, this shit may not work the same way. But at least this series will give you an understanding of what made it all possible.
  3. Laissez le bon temps rouler. Let the good times roll, baby, cause wagmi, we are gonna make it. (Unless Putin nukes us all to hell then ngmi, we not gone make it.)

Till next time, loves!



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